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kidsreadingThe Umich-Cseas Annual Funding for Reading Program (UCAFRP) is doing a great job putting books in the hands of young readers; nurturing children who are  hungry to learn and be entertained. UCAFRP is in situ in many global locations —thanks to our tireless volunteers in local schools, libraries, childcare centers, community programs and overseas distribution agencies, and domestic shelters.

The UCAFRP program was born from a passion that all children should have access to books and be allowed to engage their imaginations through literacy. The books are free and we find the children frequently react in disbelief to find they can keep the books if they wish to do so.

When a local organization starts a UCAFRP program, neighborhood children are excited, parents are encouraged, and educators find their jobs are made easier.

Here are just a few ways in which UCAFRP makes a difference:

  • Children who read become more productive adults and help build strong businesses and communities.
  • Reading is the best way to spark the imagination
  • Literacy ignites a willingness to learn
  • Reading regularly improves a child’s development and grades
  • Children who have access to many books before the age of 11 years are almost three times as likely to graduate from University than those who don’t.

We fully expect the UCAFRP program in 2014 to be just as successful as that of 2013, and we are delighted to welcome a number of new European sponsors who have responded to our request for more sponsors in EU countries and Asia to come forward as we intend to extend the UCAFRP program to more countries worldwide.

A huge “Thank You” to all our new European sponsors and other overseas partners who have generously contributed to our appeal listed below.
Website: Riyadhfm
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Company Director Sifa Bitki Den
Website: Sifa Bitki Den
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Company President Global Infrastructure Design & Service Resource Management (GIDSRM)
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Website: Fast House Sale
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CEO of Asistencia Germany
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CEO Fireplaces 4 Life
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Managing Director Begbrokenano Ltd
Website: Begbrokenano
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