Programming is a Creative Activity, No Really It Is!

Have you seen some of the latest studies on how important it is for our future generations to be well versed in website coding and programming? Our future is technology driven, and the folks at appendTo have shared their thoughts on how to get our youngest kids excited at an early age. As you teach […]

Property Investment – Home Extensions

Which type of home extension will add the most price increase to your home? This is an important question that lingers in the minds of thousands of families living in homes too small to meet their current needs. The desire for bigger or larger accommodation can be compared to managing personal finance decision – often […]

Europe to Face One of the Coldest Winters on Record

Britain facing ‘coldest winter for 50 years’ as ocean cooling threatens heavy … The nation could be brought to a standstill by late October in a chilling echo of the devastating 1962/63 winter which crippled the nation. … The tropical depression currently charging up the east coast of the United States is on course to […]

iPhone 6 Parts Stolen from Chinese Factory


The new Apple iPhone 6 likely won’t be available to consumers who reside in China’s mainland in the near future. However, local Chinese authorities have reported that there’s no shortage of people who may have gotten their hands on one. In fact, law enforcement in China has recently stated that on September 4, 2015, they […]